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Seven Rays

June 13, 2017

Basically the idea I got for the main villains of Fylgia Twelve, a project I’ve been working on for a while. They’re basically reverse homunculi (FMA), since they embody virtues. They were created by Pazro, and follow his esoteric orders.

Diligence is the main antagonist by virtue of doing most of the work and facing the heroes most often. Resembles a stereotypical angel, except with a bird mask. Is very smart and has photokinesis relating to technology.

Humility is the de facto leader (to which even Pazro concedes frequently), by its sheer appreciation of everyone’s efforts. Is basically a seraphim, a mass of light and flame like a six-winged serpent.

Charity is the defector, finding Pazro’s endgame immoral, feeling that all deserve the best, including itself. Its photokinesis specializes in boosting allies, either healing them or defending them. Surprisingly anti-social and jaded, but always on the front-lines.

Chastity is probably the least likeable. Resembles an ecclesial man, and its photokinesis is specialized to restrain others physically. Is very self-righteous and borderline psychotic.

Kindness is a knight archetype, that traps its opponent in a single combat with itself, with the only way out being through death or by passing the surrounding “flames of love”. Through it, Kindness will encourage you to confess and overcome your faults, and repay every attack you deal to it in kind.

Temperance is blind, and carries scales, using them to balance things; the sound of the shifting balance helps guide it around. Very calm, and this calmness extends to its magic: instead of restraining you physically like some other Seven Rays, it will dim your physical sensations and desires.

Patience is the most idealistic of the bunch (which is saying something) and serves as their PR department. It avoids fighting whenever possible, but when it does get involved expect FTL, which allows it to fight unimpeded as well as prevent imminent disasters,

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