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CTFBHAF Abridged

September 25, 2016

Summary of the volant volaticotherian article. To recapitulate:


– Cosmopolitian range more consistent with flying animals than gliding groups

– Temporal range considerably longer than that of gliders

– Ecological niches inconsistent with gliding habits

– Canine speciations similar to those of insectivorous bats

– Specialised femur restricting terrestrial locomotion but more apt to sustain flight stresses


– Occurence in marine deposits without long aquatic transportation

– Lack of tested speciations towards piscivory


– Occurence in a fauna otherwise almost entirely absent of eutriconodonts

– Early temporal occurence limiting non-volant dispersal


– Proportionally large patagium lacking styliform elements

– Incomplete digits

– Hand phalanges longer than metacarpals, as opposed to more regularly proportioned hindlimb phalanges

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