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Mammal faunal regions in the Late Cretaceous

June 15, 2016


– Black (North America + Asia): Dominated by cimolodont multituberculates and metatherians; several eutherians present. Eutriconodonts until mid-Campanian.

– Red (Europe sans Hateg): Dominated by eutherians; sporadic metatherian and cimolodont remains

– Indigo (Hateg): Dominated by kogaionid multituberculates; a single eutherian specimen.

– Orange (South America): Dominated exclusively by dryolestoids and gondwanathere multituberculates

– Green (India and Madagascar): Dominated by sudamericid gondwanatheres and eutherians; a single non-gondwanathere multituberculate and the haramiyidan Avashishita bachamarensis.

– Brown (Australia): Unknown, possibly primarily australosphenidans and dryolestoids.

– Pink (Africa): Single sudamericid gondwanathere, possibly eutherians.


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  1. June 16, 2016 3:18 pm

    Where are gondwanathers placed in the mammal evolutionary tree?

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