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Thank you, Pierrot

June 17, 2014


Thank you for your meows.

Thank you for head bumps.

Thank you for your kneading.

Thank you for your playfulness.

Thank you for your soft black fur, and pink paw soles, and claws, and your fuzzy whiskers, and raspy tongue.

Thank you for always waiting for me, for following me around and always trying to go wherever I went.

Thank you for your pranks, for hiding and seeking and messing things up.

Thank you for trust, thank you for your cute impatience, thank you for your determination in doing whatever the hell went through your mind.

Thank you for loving me, for being my friend, to a capacity I never thought a cat would have, caring about me in ways that make all dogs seem like amateurs, and for sticking with me when you could have left so many times.

But most of all, thank you for the grief, because grief makes me alive, and keeps me determined to stay on my path, never to stray from my goals, to always give me strength to finish what needs to be finished, and granting me the power I needed.

Thank you for all of the above, and may you find peace.

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