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Equinox Poetry

September 20, 2013

Winter Sun

Basking to you feels so cold,

Wind runs in and out my nose

As the air is tight on my lungs,

Breathing at mercies so weary,

The watery abyss below closing,

Closing in as a swamp forms in

My tired mind.

But ironic are the feelings

In my heart: as you dim,

As you grow old and shine less,

I feel closer to you, closer as

You come down: hearth, it so

Feels, like you’re a pyre, like

The flames in a campfire.

Soothing is your winter light,

No more harsh and cancerous,

No more arrows to my head.

And yes, I do feel more sickly.

But my body matters ever so little,

When I think of grandfatherly things,

Of bedtime stories and orange flames,

Kind as the old friend outside, witness

Of at least two decades of my life.

Eagle Song

I hear battlecries,

In my head loud songs, in so fickle

A tone, so dire and

Tenebrous, yet my

Heart wants to join in, sing and

Applaud, scream and shout.

I feel my soul changing,

Soft features of down now sharp,

Metallic a gleam,

My black eyes now gold,

My patron in my etched, wings ready

To soar to the battle

Occuring below me,

Not to engage in bloodshed,

But because you’re there.

I’m now a singer,

Ballads of light and fire, just

To woo whom I love.

I won’t stop

Not until I have my wings

Not until I have my justice

Not until I have my pride

Will I stop singing songs

Of dire hearts, accusations

By the Moon and by the stream.

My flesh is young, but my heart

Is awfully old, pumping aerial fluids,

Charging my copper plumage,

Until I have my understanding.

No mercy for you,

No mercy and white flags,

No soft whispers of disagreement.

I just want one thing,

And, by Styx, you know what it is,

And as much as you fight, as much

As much is much, I will win always.

Even when I die, when my ashes

Turn to stone, I will burn in anger,

Compassion and for you sake;

If emotions are life then I won’t even die.

Blood may shed, I won’t care.

Grief may become cries, I won’t care.

Mercy may be called, I won’t care.

The world is mine, and in humility

I have caused hatred to spread.

Not anymore, no inaction anymore,

Better to kill all than let all suffer.

This is my warning: bow now

Before it’s late, before grief

Is all there is to you.

I won’t die, not by a long shot,

So be just or my prey.

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