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A fine line of distinction

June 18, 2013

Beloved in Light

In light of perhaps some of my recent posts there may be confusion. What? Are you saying Apollon is more or less the god of *everything*? Doesn’t Hermes do some of that? In polytheism, despite how much one may wish to the contrary, there are not such distinct lines as one might find in a pagans dictionary of gods and goddesses. There are no cookie cutter gods for any one distinct thing. In polytheism you have a symphony of co-action and complimentary action that can be quite complex, and perhaps a bit confusing. But really that is one of the fun things about it. For a particular problem or situation you most likely won’t be praying to just one god that “represents” what you are wanting to solve/focus on/establish as a goal. Rather you can find yourself praying to several interconnected deities that each have a hand on slight variations…

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