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April 29, 2013

Glory be to the rising Sun,

Hierophantic are the holy fires

In falconid phoenix born,

Expelling the grasp of Apophis!

Hail Heru-wer,

Great falcon at the dawn so primal,

Wings of light stretching and burning,

Solidified into a corona divine!

Hail Heru-wer,

First expression of Khepera’s light,

Bane to the servants of the night,

Orange flames upon guilty flesh!

Hail Heru-wer,

Lord of the fiery sky,

Brother of Osiris in hell

And Isis in the heavens,

Sibiling of destructive Set

And dark Nephtys!

Hail Heru-wer,

Ra’s will on Earth manifest,

Sun crown and moon bow

In eyes so piercing and fearsome!

Hail Heru-wer,

Falcon god of light and Sun,

Smith of wars and smith of freedom,

Bless humanity with raging talons!

Oh belligerent falcon,

Whom even Sekhmet fears

And Wadjet coils away from,

Let peace be the Bennu

And anihilation your own-self!

Kill all demons, great falcon!

Kill all angels, great falcon!

Kill all plagues, great falcon!

Kill all stars, great falcon!

Kill all cancers beneath your gaze,

Kill all dogs barking blasphemies,

Kill all mice gnawing decency,

Kill all doves preaching war,

Kill all sheep preaching hatred,

Kill all lions preaching pride,

Kill all cows licking salt,

Kill all deer defiling love,

Kill all swans spreading hypocrisy,

Kill all eagles who steal and plunder!

All beasts in this Earth are yours,

And yours is all libatory blood,

So you may drink and bathe

And paint the dawning sky red!

Glorious is Heru-wer,

Borne of ravenous sunlight,

And in Isis reborn as Heru-sa-Aset!


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