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Another Fable

February 21, 2013

Because one wasn’t enough.

The Auk, the Sun and the Razorbill

A Great Auk once stared at the Sun, and inquisitively commented ‘Great is your visage, grand ice breaker, and thus why am I called the White Face and you are not?’

The Sun paused in pensative a pondering, and responded ‘Because in gold life is clad, and in the gold of the dawn I am remembered. In white life is set, and in white your death will be lauded, your face remembered as a pristine skull.’

The Auk thanked the Sun, and digested this morbid warning. Trying to avoid his fate, the Auk dove in search of amber, and collected the stones as diligently as it could, bringing them all to his island. He didn’t know about what to do with the amber, so he wisely seperated the stones in three piles, one to be experiment with and other two to guard for later. As he looked into the amber, he was reminded of honey, and so he swallowed one of the amber peebles. He felt the sweetness of the amber emanating from his mouth, and stared at his reflection in the water. His mouth was then gold!

Satisfied with himself, the Auk stared again at the Sun and asked ‘O light of the world, is my face now gold and not white?’

The Sun looked down, and gasped in amazement at the golden mouth of the Auk, and nodded in agreement. Satisfied, the Auk swam to his cousin Razorbill’s island, and produly showed his bright golden mouth, who too gasped in amazement. The Skua overheard the conversation, and soon all creatures of the sea knew of the Auk’s golden mouth. All voted him to become the Golden Face, and his white facial discs were promptly ignored in favour of his new feature.

After some time, men came to the sea, as the Sun’s attention drove away the Hail and the Ice. They quickly saw all the creatures and decided to hunt them. In a fit of panic, all creatures begged the Auk to show them how he made his mouth golden. Knowing that there would be little time for all animals to do so and that the gods would be furious if it happened, the Sun was reflected in the water and blinded the men, giving the Auk the chance to share the secret with one other creature. The Auk chose the Razorbill, and lead him to his island, where the amber was. Knowing that men valued amber more than their flesh, the Razorbill swallowed as many pebbles as possible and gave them to the men. As a token of gratitude, the men decided to spare the Razorbill, who was then knowed as the Golden Mouthed, if they were given the permission to kill the Auk, whom they refused to know as anything other than White Face.

Consenting to the murder of his cousin, the Razorbill went to the Auk’s island, and convinced him that there was more amber that he could swallow in the coast. The Auk agreed, as his mouth was becoming orange, and went with the Razorbill, only to find the men ready to kill him. He showed off his mouth, but it was no longer gold, and thus the men laughed at the Auk and stoned him to death for his “lie”.

Seeing this deception, the Sun was furious and cursed the Razorbill to have white stripes during the Summer and white cheeks during the Winter. Now the Razorbill deseperately dives in search of amber, as should he loose his golden mouth, he will be known as the White Face, and will be killed by men.

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