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The Pay-off to that My Immortal remake

February 16, 2013

WARNING: Because of where we left off, its very, VERY NSFW.


Suddenly the glamour failed.

The first to notice this was Norman Babcock, who felt as if a massive cloud had been lifted from his shoulders. His eyes suddenly stung and he closed them hastily, tears running like streams as he curled on the couch. With his eyes closed, he recalled the contacts, and opened his eyes again. Thanks to the fact that his head faced the ground, and the unusual slippery nature of his tears, the contacts fell off.

His cry alerted the others, finally seeing the glamour gone. The situation could not possibly had been more awkward. Dipper found himself on the ground, wearing a black shirt and jeans, but with said jeans opened and revealing his genitals, appearently not long after having an orgasm as he still felt a lot of sensivity and sperm run across his belly and genitals. Most unfortunately, atop him was a an adult woman was was clearly not in that same predicament, as if she had been thrown there casually after he did it. He never before in his entire life wanted to die more.

Jeanne herself was just as confused as to what happened, having been awakened rather hastily with a young boy beneath her that had clearly just recently orgasmed. Naturally, she jumped backwards.

“What the sodding hell happened!?”

Around them, the other victims of the glamour found themselves perplexed and ashamed. Stan, who was just some feet away from Dipper, also appeared to have just climaxed, and the implications became clear. Both Pines men felt nausea creeping in, and the great uncle willed himself a heart attack, or anything of the genre, just to avoid facing what happened.

The others were barely better off either. Wendy, finding herself in the ugliest gothic clothes she ever saw, was filled with a healthy mixture of extreme concern and overwhelming revulsion for the scene before her. Hyperventilating, she sat on the floor with a thump, trying to hold back vomit. Mitch wasn’t so ascetic: he hastily made his way to a nearby window. The Multi-Bear designed himself to fainting, while Norman made his way towards Dipper, whose stress was finally erupting in his eyes. They held each other, trying to sooth away reality’s poison.

As the only person capable of mentally withstanding what happened, Jeanne designated herself to stare away, staring at ceiling, gazing at all directions, in search of the source for that malevolence. She did found, however, Bayonetta, laying on the ground, herself awakening from the glamour.

Without a word, she headed towards her friend, who was touching her head, obviously with a headache.

“My, what the fuck is going on?” she asked, a lot less elegantly than what she was going for.

“I think it was some sort of glamour or illusion spell. I guess Paradiso finally decided to finish what they started with the Joys.”

Aleviated from the strength, Bayonetta rose, feeling herself powerful once again. Much to her dismay, the scene of two boys crying their hearts out, one of them seemingly molested, with an old men pratically catatonic on the ground and revealing his malehood, as well as two clearly emotionally shocked teens, did much to ruin that wonderful mood.

“Oh shit! Okay, uh, well…”

Bayonetta struggled to find something soothing to say. Very rarely did she face an entire room of people that just got PTSD.

Thankfully, she did not had to focus on her soothing side, as the source of the insanity appeared before them.

“No it waz supposd 2 end lik dis!1111” a fell voice said in the air.

All attentions in the room were turned towards it. The witches showed their loaded pistols, Multi-Bear awoke and bore his teeth, Wendy rised and picked a shotgun, Mitch grabbed a bar, and Stan fainted. Needless to say, it wasn’t going to get scot free.


Suffice to say, only three people in the room didn’t attempt to kill it, and said attempts beared fruit. Whatever it was, it fell down on the ground with a thump.

Suddenly, a bright white light began to shine, revealing the body of the glamour caster. It was a humanoid figure clad in gold and porcelain, with no skin underneath, revealing pure red muscle. It’s head looked like a bird head, but it was awfully distored. A closer look revealed that it was once a human head, mutilated and twisted into that visage.

The light grew brighter, and the corpse was gone. Only it’s victims remained.

Wendy and Mitch went to the boys, clinging on as much to confort them as themselves. Jeanne, Bayonetta and Multi-Bear looked at eachother. There was a lot of work to be done.


“Oh, don’t worry Dipper! We’re having lot’s of fun here in Washington DC! Isn’t that right Waddles?”

For a few moments, the sounds of pig squeaks invaded the phone.

“I know, but you have to come back Mabel.”

“I know silly, but let me have some fun here first!”

The phone was then invaded by the sounds of a man screaming, and it went off.

“If you want I can bring them here” said Jeanne.

“Nah, but thanks.”

Suddenly, they heard the sound of something barfing. They went upstairs, seeing Bayonetta on the bathroom floor, head facing the toilet.

“Are you alright?” asked Dipper.

For some reason, this triggered Bayonetta’s nausea even more. Suddenly, Dipper recalled what happened between them, and fainted.

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