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Mammal-Like Choristodere: Failtastic addition to the Yesterdays movement

January 23, 2013

PictureSo, basically, with Nemo Ramjet’s All Yesterdays competition, I gave my shot with my luck charms, the champsosaurs. Here is a horrendously failtastic depiction of a Champsosaurus gigas engaging in a mammal-like defense pose.

Let’s take a closer look, shall we?


First off we have the snout. Loosely inspired by giant snalamanders and cetaceans, this is one of the few pics in existence of champsosaurs with lips (based on soft shells and other aberrant turtles). I also have it a “rhinarium”; champsosaurs, much like mammals and crocodiles, usually have fused nares. The weird things along the jaws are fleshy “whiskers”, akin to those of some salamanders.


Here we see it with the tail raised and waving on the water, much like newts do today, only with a more mammalian angle. The feet are deliberately made rounded and simplistic because choristoderes actually had paddle-like limbs, hence something between a flipper and a land vertebrate leg.

Picture4A closer inspection at the tail. It has loose patterns, also newt inspired, and deliberately raised in a skunk style.

Picture5Another look at the flipeprs/paddle-like limbs, raising the animal erect over the sea floor, presumably in a territorial display. In the far corner there is another male; I intended it to be actually attracted to the main displaying male (not enough pics of homosexuality in choristoderes, ha!), but you can also interpret it as fleeing or something.

Picture6A final, closer look at the snout. The lips are bigger on the upper jaw, making the snout look thicker than it actually is. In the lower jaw, you can still see the teeth.

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