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The failtastic adventures of John K. Patterson

January 3, 2013

Some time ago, a mentally defficient writer decided to take a jab against the palaeontological community by stating that people should keep depicting feathered dinosaurs. Here’s my rebuttal:

PictureWe start off rather unsympathetically, but wish to hear is actual justifications for accusing experts of persecution (never mind that scalies spend more time attacking correct depictions than the other way around. Hypocrital much?)?

Picture1- Fictional =/= excuse to be intellectually lazy and selfishly self-indulgent. Besides, people take science fiction more seriously than most other styles; transmitting the idea of featherless dinosaurs ultimately = spreading the notion that dinosaurs did look like that. Star Wars is not as much science fiction as space fantasy, which is why you don’t see people believing in the Force (new age weirdos aside).

2- The JP raptors ARE abominations in every sense of the word. They basically subvert the laws of biology and physics, being sapient, lizard-like ectotherms with lightning fast speed, a high level of invulnerability and frankly ugly looking. They’re not within Lovecraft’s legendarium because even he knew how stupid that concept would be.

PictureSo basically, as his sincere arguments start to die, he resorts to accuse others of being melodramatic and self-important. Nevermind the tone and wording of his blog post. And no, people don’t know they’re looking at fake dinosaurs; if people are stupid enough to still take plesiosaurs as dinosaurs very commonly, what makes you think the average joe thinks Doctor Who ceratopsians are fake? As far as they know, they’re looking at a realistic model, close to scientific expectations.

Furthermore, why even spread these notions in the first place? Why content yourself with fantasy monsters and deriding the beauty of the natural world as not “kewl” enough? You’re breeding your own empire of morons.

But the following is the cherry in his shit cake:

PictureA direct afront against me, he shows precisely how ignorant he is. First off, bother to read the article, and the essay it is reffering to: it isn’t just feathers “on the ankles”, but the whole of the animal’s body, and with contemporary birds around to boot! Once again, the level of metanl illness and hypocrisy this man displays is enough to offer a new, environmentally friendly solution to fuel problems.

The rest of the post is just “u can keep ur fethered dinos butt u cant cirticircumsise MY SEXUALLY ATTRACTIVE SCALY WHORES!!111”, so I won’t bother.

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