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1984 review

January 3, 2013

As the book points out, Nazis and the USSR at least had realistic inner reasonings: notions of highly twisted utopias. The Party? It’s not that they care about power only – power hunger is such an omnipresent trait that not even most idealists bother to deny that. But here’s the thing: power hunger has limits. A politician feels empowered by the control s/he has over the populace, but most politicians stop there. It’s not because of limitations to their “creativity”, but because most people simply don’t feel like torture and manipulation are worth wasting their time on. They’d rather preffer to abuse their authorithy in self-indulgence: catering to their greed and/or lust, spreading their philosophy, you name it. There are people who like to do what the Party does, but they aren’t politicians nor any sort of master minds. They’re petty run of the mill sadists who can never rise to power not even in the most insane possible environment because psychopathy = “dumb”, for the lack of a better term. Studies show that emotions directly correlate to decision making, and as proven again and again, people who can only feel sadism or anger are not manipulator material, as they blow their cover very easily. For the idea of a bunch of self aware Saturday morning supervillains to seize control, everyone on the face of the planet would have to be several magnitudes more idiotic than the most stupid jellyfish that has ever existed. The people the Party is based on, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Salazar, et cetera, they were power hungry, but it was a secondary concern. They killed millions, but they deluded themselves to be the pinacle of moral perfection, and that their actions were probably for the best anyways. They were very monstruous, but they weren’t cartoony caricatures that think that Bad Is Good And Good Is Bad. They had human traits, and their atrocities relied on causing death rather than setting people up to torture into being puppets. Their direct followers lived in fear, but to this day several areas in Russia still declare Stalin to be a hero (especially the church. Srsly, National Geographic even made an article about that). Bottom line, this doesn’t work because it demands the reader to be misanthropic as all hell, as well as rejecting all forms of logic. This doesn’t mean Big Brother won’t exist, but it means the Ministry of Love won’t.

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  1. February 21, 2013 12:26 am

    This is a very good point.

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