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December 22, 2012

Nothing new to add.

Bechdel Gamer

So today, my N7 Collector edition of Mass Effect 3 arrived, the official release was yesterday. One thing about the game that made me happy was the news news that it will feature the option of having male Shepards have a romance with another male (you can pick the gender of your character and female Shepards have always had the option of same sex romances). Happy, until that happiness was replaced with more rage-y emotions when I committed the mistake of reading the comments to the articles and found homophobia abounds. So before I jump in to the last game in the Mass Effect trilogy I’m going to take some time to review the controversy, and I’ll eventually come back to it after I finish Mass Effect 3, since it will surely add to if not complicate or completely change my arguments. (Note: I basing this post off the games…

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