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Ten ways any christian you find on deviantart is hypocrital

December 1, 2012

1- “We hate how communists sacrifice the individual in name of the group. That’s why we do the exact same thing to gay people.”

2- “Homosexuality isn’t natural!” [is told it is] “Ah, but we shouldn’t follow animals!”

3- [Random passage about Jesus’ psychotic outbursts] “You’re taking things out of context!” [then proceeds to use biblical passages against homosexuality without considering the cultural meaning]

4- “Pride is a sin!” [then proceeds to use “I’m proud to be a christian!”]

5- “We respect free will! That’s why we prevent gay marriage from even being a possibility!”

6- “You heathens act so holier than thou, thinking you know the truth! That’s why we are the chosen ones, and you’re only going to be saved if you think exactly like us!”

7- “We must do charity! That’s why we just pray istead of donating like those heathens do!”

8- “You totally shouldn’t lump us with Tomás de Torquemada! That’s why we lump all non-christian people in the same pile of evil heathens!”

9- “Haha, you think you can justify racism by saying you have black friends?” [then proceeds to justify homophobia by claiming to have gay friends]

10- “Our religion is totally not a lifestyle! Your incurable sexuality, on the other hand, totally is!”

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