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How cryptozoologists fail at pterosaur research

November 24, 2012

Ropen image. Look at this thing, it looks like it belongs to a book from the 70’s!

Here’s a simple list as to how you’re batshit stupid if you believe in the average cryptozoologist reports of pterosaurs:

1- According to cryptozoologists, anything with leathery wings is a pterosaurs. Pterosaur wings, while membranous, weren’t leathery at all; they were highly complex organs, with several layers of muscle and collagen fibers, and in at least some species there were air sacs and pycnofiber coverings. The closest analogy I can think of are manta ray flippers, and even then that analogy is way off. We can tell right away something is not a pterosaur is it’s wings remind you of a bat’s.

2- Many reports depict traits like grasping feet, bipedality, and other eagle/raptor like hindlimb traits. Suffice to say, none of this is taken seriously among pterosaur researchers.

3- Most reports have obvious identities as local avifauna or chiropterofauna. Several reports of “living pterosaurs” have turned out to be ducks, which is a mistake easy to make in lowlight conditions, as ducks have pointed wings, tooth-like pecten and short, triangular tails (and, in some species, impressively long tail feathers). Most known kongamato reports can easily be attributed to the Saddle Bill Stork, whose wings, typical of stactic soaring birds, have finger-like feathers that could easily be mistaken for bat wings. The Olitiau is most defenitely a flying fox, and so are many supposed Ropen reports.

That said, I do think investigating Ropens is necessary. Even if they aren’t pterosaurs, a bioluminescent bat or bird is always interesting.

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  1. David permalink
    December 12, 2012 3:36 pm

    I don’t know if what I saw was a Pterosaur for sure but I can say that it was not a duck.
    I have seen 3 of these extreamly large birds within the past year and a half. Also, about
    8 years ago I had two seperate incounters with what I believe to be the same thing, I did
    not see anything those times though, I heard it. The ”cry” or ”scream” was so loud that
    you could feel it in your chest. It was a bird in flight, this I know because of the distance
    it covered in just a few seconds. I tried for some time to connect what it was that could have produced that kind of volume but there was nothing that even came close. I remember thinking to myself that it sounded like something out of that movie ”Jurrasic Park”
    Several years passed and I began to doubt any wild explanations, until one day back in
    July of 2010, My wife and I were sitting outside injoying a rare summer breeze when something caught my eye from above. There, in broad day-light were two of these things
    flying together and looking like they had some place to go because they never deviated from their path. I am not a Zoologist or a Cryptozoologist, be this does not mean that I
    am stupid. Three of us saw a younger one of these birds flying by it’s self 3 days ago,
    again, this was broad day-light. Anyone can say that they are supposed to be nocturnal,
    but consider this, ….. they are also sopposed to be extinct

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