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Dagr annotations

September 26, 2012

The Dagaz rune, the symbol most directly associated with Dagr. Incidently, the correct pronouciation of the rune (as well as of the god) is “dah-ghr”.


The following is a brief summary of data I gathered while working with this divinity. You might desire to first go check established information about this deity before reading what’s beneath.


Summary of the work


An ongoing theurgical operation. Rituals done at mostly at daylight (obviously) and/or during the hours of the Sun. I’m considering doing so during the hours of the Moon as well.


Most of my work consists of preparing the apropriate environment for invocation: cleaning, burning things, drawing runes, sheding blood and shouting “Hail Dagr!” like a lunatic. The actual theurgical work was mostly done in Shavasana (corpse pose), only with the arms and legs spread in order to mimic the Dagaz. A complex system of vocalisations is used, ranging from the “Om” mantra to “Hail Dagr!” to norse poetry. This ensures that the consciousness is “tender”. Once the right mental state is achieved, the interaction begins. I use “Amen”/”Naamah” and “Om” to finalise the ritual.


Praying in daylight hours also helps to draw in the deity. Finally, it is possible to establish divination through dreams, though this requires some theurgical work in apropriate hours beforehand.


Data gathered through theurgical work


Non-norse identities: Aether/Acmon (greek mythology), Shamsiel (abrahamic mythology), the proto-indo-european Dyeus/Diw[e].

Element: Metal (for people less confortable with Wu Xing, Spirit or Fire work well)

Colours: Gold, Blue, White

Most apropriate time to invoke: Wednesday, at the hours of the Sun. The Dawn of any day as well.

Season: Autumn

Sacred Metal: Gold and Silver

Sacred Animal: White horses (Skinfaxi should make this obvious), cranes, possibly geese and white stags.

Sacred Plant: Laurels, oak trees, chestnut trees, various white flowered angiosperms.

Other: Is also associated with the Ajna chakra, and all that it represents, such as intuition, vision, et cetera.

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