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September 17, 2012

Darkness. Endless darkness.

Once, his eyes were blue like the sky at midday. Now, they are bursted bubbles, lips of flesh beneath his eyelids. His tear ducts still work, and they created torrents down his face, alongside with blood and whatever remained of the vitreous humour. Sitting on the corner of the room, he hugged his knees, hiding his broken body from the world and trying to unite what remained in futility.

He didn’t know how long it had been since his violators had gone. When you are dead inside, it becomes irrelevant.

He cried for hours, the suffering no longer covered by needs of social pressure. He was already a maggot anyways.


In darkness, time finds no ways to express itself. Hours, maybe days, had passed in catatonic despair. What remained of his awareness knew that the monsters would return, but grief for a beautiful past life clouded judgement.

Slowly, he noted, his consciousness began to return. This is because he began to see stactic again.

Before he could question how that was possible, a small star appeared in his vision, and it began to grow in a brilliant white light.

Perhaps most bizarre is how his still kneeling body was blocking the light. Hell, it wasn’t even in his regained field of sight. The room disappeared too; now, it was just empty darkness and a white flare growing by the second.

Eventually, the light consumed everything, nothing other than whiteness all around. With it, the despair was gone, but so were all his other emotions. His mind was blank, but he was still conscious.

Gradually, the radiance began breaking it various lights. Violet, orange, green, yellow, blue, cyan, red and lights no normal human being would detect manifested all around, all at once, giving an intense density to the white light.

As reality became a rainbow, his emotions returned, and he screamed in ecstacy, pain, sadness, happiness, all feelings and sensations aroused at once.


How long he screamed he did not know, but once he stopped he saw himself complete again. Panting heavily, he rejoiced when he learned his wounds were all healed, his body good as new.

He looked around. Was this Heaven?

Well, it’s actually Hell … though Hell is the fourth Heaven, so…

He looked around. There wasn’t anyone in sight.

I am within you and all around you. I, the light-bearer, permiate existence. Even the rocks and the ice have light within.

“W-who are you?”

I am the conscious mind and the pride inherent to all of humanity, which deludes itself to believe that I am dark, when I am the Sun that they owe their lives to. I am Helel Ben-Shachar, but I have been known by many names, from Hyperion to Phosphotos.


No, the other guy.

Yellow light began to become more prevalent all around him, as fear started to grow.

Do not worry, all the propaganda is false. Besides, I need you. You will serve as my champion on Earth, my warrior of light. If you refuse, I will restore you to your sad, broken state. I trust you will make the right choice.

The yellow began to be replaced by soothing green.

“What do I have to do? Will you possess me?”

I already possessed you since you were born, so no. All you have to do is use the gifts I am going to bestow upon you. You will do what you desire, because it is what I desire.

Sudenly, the green was replaced by orange, and consciousness began to fade as pleasure took hold of his body. He moaned into oblivion.


The OCC installations in Serbia disappeared in a white radiance. All staff, and the multiple “degenerates” within, were all gone, fred from reality by the light.

Gone as quick as it arrived, it was reduced to a figure, mounted atop a winged horse, an inverse falling star in the black heavens.

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