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On pigs

April 13, 2012

Let’s make it clear: I have nothing against carnivory. I myself try to consume as many animals as possible.

It’s just that I hate hypocrisy. Dogs and cats are exempt from being feasted up, because they somehow are intelligent, while a pig is worthy of eating.

Yet pigs are more intelligent than dogs and cats combined. Studies show that they are as smart as children. They most certainly are as smart as the average toothed cetacean, their marine relatives.

It’s telling when history recognises this. Who is the symbol of mankind’s dark intelligence, as seen in ambition and greed? The pig. Who has eyes that reminds us of black holes, concentrating the molecules to explode in primordial radiance? The pig. Who is the symbol of the Sun, of fertility, virility, Spring and fiery wrath? The boar. The wolf and the dog were always either cancer or servants. The dog is filthy, rolling in it’s own shit, while the pig cleans itself. If pigs are dirty, is because they select their diet as to make their flesh inedible.
I am not saying to not eat pigs. However, they at least should have some level of respect, since dogs rolling in their own shit are somehow apreciated by humanity, while suines as smart as 3 year old children are to be killed via chainsaw to the guts.

I suppose this hypocrisy could be solved by subjecting dogs to the same treatment?

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  1. Random Guy permalink
    April 28, 2012 11:25 pm

    I want to see dog, wolf, panda and dolphin meat become widespread in supermarkets.

    Can you please do a post on sharks? They’re my favorite animal along with dinosaurs.

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