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Western Zodiac

April 5, 2012

Biblical cherub depiction. In spite of modern desesperate attempts by modern christians to connect the beasts with saints, the truth is that they represent constellations in the zodiac.


Currently, our perception of the western zodiac is based on medieval notions. We have 12 signs linked closely to western elements and planets, dictating our personality and nature, and presumably magickal properties and expertise.

It is no secret our modern perspectives are screwed up. Sun signs have been subjected to centuries of corruption, eventually surfacing as the recent statements that the signs are in wrong order. The problem, however, is not wrong alignments, but the zodiac itself.

According to the original sources, the ancient babylonians, only four constellations matter.

Originally, the star charts used to study the Heavens determined that four constellations dictated the motion of seasons: Taurus for the Vernal Equinox, Leo for the Summer Solstice, Scorpio for the Autumn Equinox and Capricornus for the Winter Solstice. While other constellations were indeed recognised, only these four were seen with sufficient relevance, heralding and ruling over seasons.

This pattern continued in posterior pagan cultures. They even surfaced in the Bible, where cherubims, as pictured, are depicted with the head of a bull (Taurus), a lion (Leo), an eagle (Scorpio, which was seen as an eagle atop a serpent) and a person (representing Aquarius, which in that case replaced Capricornus), demonstrating their relevance over other constellations. Eventually, the nearby constellations were taken into account.

The relevance of these four constellations goes on determine the cycle of elements associated with the seasons. In modern esoterism, Taurus is earth, Leo is Fire, Scorpio is water and Capricornus earth (Aquarius is air). This cycle is highly unorthodox as far as western elemental traditions are concerned, and in fact aligns more closely with the Wu Xing view of elements and seasons, with Taurus being Wood, Leo being Fire, Scorpio being Metal and Capricornus/Aquarius being Water.

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